Customer Information

New Customers

If you have just moved to the area and need to establish water service for your home or business, please call us or stop by the office to get you set up. At this time we cannot process this type of request online.

Current Customers

Would you like to save a stamp each month? Do you have a checking account? If yes, you can sign up today forWater Pay, our automatic billing service! Just print out theApplication for Water Payform and mail it in along with a voided check. This will authorize us to automatically deduct the amount currently owed from your checking account during each billing cycle. Setup takes 2 to 4 weeks, so continue to pay any bills that are received until your billing statement says “Auto Pay-Do Not Pay” on it.

If you wish to cancel Water Pay, please contact our office.


New residential or commercial developments or structures that require a newwater line and/or meter hookuprequire anApplication for Water Serviceto be submitted, along with payment for all associated fees before any service installation can be done.


New water rates for district customers came into effect on July 1, 2023. This includes a tiered rate structure which applies only to -inch (residential) meters. Under the tiered rate structure, residential customers will be charged a fixed, monthly service fee, in addition to a commodity rate for metered water usage. The commodity rate under the tiered structure is based on the total amount of water used per billing cycle. All water usage of 12 (cc) or less will be billed at $2.29/ccf, and any additional usage above that will be billed at $3.50/ccf.

Water meter size and types other than the -inch meter will continue to be charged a fixed service fee plus a fixed commodity rate charge. That rate will be $2.79/ccf.

If you have questions about determining the water rate you will pay, please contact the district office for assistance. Our staff can help you determine what your water rate is and how you will be billed.

The complete list of all rates and service charges, including fixed charges for water and fire lines, meter installations, penalties for nonpayment, and System Development Charges, is available in PDF format:Schedule of Rates